Foh-Amoaning, homosexuals can only be saved through a spiritual battle.

He said “The power of the Lord is capable of delivering people from that thing because all of this is a spiritual battle anyway. I will take you to people in this country who by the grace of God by the power of the Holy Spirit have come out of it. God is capable of delivering people like that. There is nothing that the Lord can’t do.”

He noted that a lot of people think homosexuals is a lifestyle so they engage in doing it adding that the National Coalition for Proper Human
Sexual Rights and Family Values is proposing a comprehensive legislative solution to the problem.

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“There are those who think it is a lifestyle, it is a right, let’s do it and not only do they want to do it alone, they want to encourage other people to do it and then foist it on all our heads, that I think is wrong and that can be tackled.
“Our coalition, we are proposing a comprehensive legislative solution to the problem which will isolate those who get into it because of medical problems and those who got into it because of peer pressure, monetary problems and environmental problems. Those, we will deal with and help them, and we will create an environment where there is la egal, psychological, psychiatric and medical help and there is spiritual help for them,” he said on Metro TVs Good Evening Ghana.


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