Five ways to become an Independent woman

In a  quest to becoming a strong and independent woman, it is just as important to realise that you will no longer be in the dating bracket of several men, maybe even your crush!

Here are the top 5 ways to be a strong independent woman that strong, secure men love.

1. No blind submission

Many African traditions exalt a woman’s submission to her husband/partner so much without underlining the requirements needed to be met before anyone deserves such.

You do not have to bend to such traditions and beliefs that try to bend you to the whims of a weak, underserving man. Stop doing things to please anyone who is undeserving of such concessions.

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2. Be self sufficient

It’s cool to be pampered by a man but guess what is cooler? Being able to do for yourself what a man would do.

Never put yourself in a position to be walked all over, just because you would never be able to afford yourself the kind of lifestyle you want except a man pays for it.

3. Have a life

This helps you validate your existence with or without a man. Have values, have goals, have hobbies and passions and pursue all of these to the maximum possible. It is the way to have a great life even when you are single.

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String men are attracted to this and will not even try to steal these from you when they come into your life.

4. Deal with your problems

Acknowledge your imperfections and work on them. Strong women know their weakness and they continually work on being better people.

They don’t glamorize it or ask people to love them regardless, as if it does not even matter. Nobody loves nonsense, certainly not the type of men you should be hoping to date.

5. Protect your self-esteem

This one is a major aspect of an independent woman. Be sure of yourself. While validation is great when it comes from people, being self-assured to the point of knowing how fantastic you are whether people say it or not is even better.

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Men love women like this because they know they don’t have to be the ones to pick you up when your confidence wilts. Sure, they might love being someone to make you feel better, but they don’t want to carry the weight of your falling self-esteem all the time.



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