Five things you must consider before getting married


In this time most people who are getting married should learn to drop some things that will help save costs.

The following points should help reduce the cost of getting married as you look forward to your great day.

1. Intricate flower arrangements.

Listen, if the venue is already beautiful, you absolutely do not need flowers. End of discussion.

2. An expensive gown.

Did y’all see the simple dress that Wambui Kamiru wore when she was getting married to Bob Collymore? Yet, collectively, they probably have millions in their accounts. There’s no need to spend hundreds of thousands on a dress you will wear once. Instead, go for a simple but stunning tailor made gown or rent one from rent-a-dress stores. You could also go for something borrowed, say a dress that your mother or grandma wore and customize it a little to get the perfect finish and fit.

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