Five signs that you aren’t ready for a relationship


Sometimes, we might feel that we are ssupposed to be  in a relationship and maybe you get pressured into being with someone just to feel the thrill those people seem to feel.

If you fall within any or many of the categories stated below, maybe you should just stay off relationships a little longer for your own good.

(1.) You’re afraid of being by yourself

The fear of being lonely sounds like a good reason to run into the security of a relationship, doesn’t it?

But actually, it’s not a good reason.

You really are not strong enough to be in a relationship if you are have not found enough mental fortitude being by yourself and enjoying your life while at it.

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(2.) No motivation except pressure from others

Your reason for wanting to be in a relationship should be self-.d, not externally obtained.

You should not be in a relationship off the back of other people’s conviction of what is right for you. If you are not mentally ready for it, stay away from relationships regardless of advice people give you.

If you are not mentally ready for it, stay away from relationships.

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