Five signs that indicates you have Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that lunges a mood in different directions. Within a twinkle of an eye, you can swing from feeling high to feeling low.

We have outlined 5 signs that may help you spot bipolar disorder.

(1) Thoughts of Harming Yourself

People who are 18 year-old  or older sees an estimate 26.2 percent of people in America diagnosed with a mental illness. Negative thoughts can fill your head and it can be hard to manage the episodes occurring.

(2) Inability to Finishing Tasks


If bipolar disorder is a part of your life, you’ll notice a change in your productivity. Tasks that you used to finish with no issue, have now become something that you put off until a later time.

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(3) Poor Social Life

Being bipolar can have an effect on the way you interact with friends, coworkers, and new people around you. A teenager with the disorder can possibly end up being suspended from school, while an adult can lose their job.

(4) Disruption In Sleep( Insomnia)

Bipolar may cause you to lose sleep, while bipolar depression can have you sleeping at times of the day you would normally be up and moving around. Neither one of these are a good outcome and can play a heavy role in how productively-captured you are.

(5) Depression:

Depression is far more than sadness, a depressed person can have a totally uneasy day. The simplist of things such as going out to eat, hanging out with your friends, even getting out of bed can feel like a burden that you don’t want to undertake in your daily life.

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