Five Relationship mistakes you must never make

Most times,mistakes you may have made once when you were probably young and inexperienced. But please don’t make them again if you want a successful and healthy relationship.

1. Making your partner the centre of your world

When you were young and in love, it was thrilling. So thrilling, in fact, that you were tempted to forego all else just to gain his approval or be with him. But chances are, you realized at some point that it wasn’t healthy. You may have been betrayed or you perhaps you outgrew that belief. To have a mature relationship, it’s okay to rely on your partner, but it’s not okay to make him the reason for your existence. You need other .s of happiness, love and emotional support from friends, family etc.

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2. Going back to an ex when the cause of breakup is still an issue

This is another mistake that many of us have made at some point. Dealing with a breakup can get so difficult, and to relieve the pain, you get back with an ex when the problems you once had haven’t disappeared. You probably had to deal with the torture of starting the whole breakup process all over again. The lesson here is, leave dead relationships alone. Breakups are hard, but what’s even worse is going back for temporary relief only to find yourself dealing with the same heartbreak in a matter of weeks.

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3. Believing words over action

The expression “sweet nonsense” is popular for a reason. This is when a partner tells you the sweetest things in the world but they mean nothing. His actions don’t match what he says. The truth is, many of us have found ourselves falling for perfect words and we excuse bad behavior. But as you may have realized, this never ends well. In a mature relationship, people don’t just talk, they also do what they say.

4. Ignoring his cheating ways

This is another one of the relationship mistakes to learn from. Dealing with a betrayal can be extremely difficult, so instead of move past the hurt, you want to sweep everything under the rug. But the trust has been broken and the resentment has already taken root. You’ll probably learn soon that what you thought you buried is still messing with your relationship.

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5. The breakup-makeup cycle

Any relationship where you break up and make up dozens of times is an unhealthy one. As you mature, you’ll start to realize that real love is solid. Think about it, you don’t get married to get divorced and remarry the same person over and over again. Sounds insane, right? So if your relationship still sounds like this, then you should consider leaving for good.



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