Five positives of Long distance relationships


Some times, Long distance relationships are feared because of the lack physical intimacy both partners don’t get to experience.

Here are some cool things about long distance relationships that could soften your opinion on them:

1. Individual Growth

Especially if you are one who tends to be overly attached to your romantic partners, distance could be a good thing for you. The distance between you and your partner has been said to compel individuality.

By being overly attached and overly dependent on an ever-present partner, there is little room for growth. In a long distance relationship, you have time to discover the person you are. You have time to think about your own values, pursue your own goals, and learn more about yourself. You grow more into your own person, and this is really not a bad thing.

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Simply because in the end, you are meant retain your individuality anyway. Why lose it just because you are in a relationship?

2. It could be a great test of how real the relationship is

All in all, a long-distance relationship requires commitment from both you and your partner to work. There will be rough patches, of course, but by staying together out of trust and commitment to the cause, it could be an evidence of how true the love and affection in the relationship is.

Whether you see each other for long periods or not, you still love each other and keep the affection intact.


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