Five habits that can affect your s*x life

(3) Lack of exercise

Regular exercise produces enough endorphins needed to boost your sexual excitement. Cardiovascular exercise increases blood flow, while pelvic exercise like ‘Kegels’ can help women experience better orgasm by strengthening the vagina muscles.

Exercising also provides you with strength and flexibility you’ll need to explore different sexual positions.

(4) Too much alcohol/caffeine

Your diet plays a major role in your sexual health. Too much alcohol may lead to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and lower sexual desires.

You might also want to cut down on your morning coffee. Too much caffeine may cause your adrenal glands to kick into high gear and release stress hormones to your body.

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This will consequently reduce your desire for sex. Deliberately indulge in diets that nourish your libido. Dates, watermelon, avocados are good sex drive fruits.

(5) Phone addiction

Spending so much time on your phone may increase your anxiety level and make sex less appealing to you.
Aside from this, it could also create a psychological distance between you and your partner especially when he/she is not the one keeping you online. If you realize you’re addicted to your phone, take out time to go on breaks and connect with your partner.

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