Five habits that can affect your s*x life


Lifestyle choices may have a negative or positive influence on your libido. While some habits may kill your sex drive, others heighten it.

These five habits should be avoided if you desire to improve your sexuality;

(1) You have a sweet tooth

Sugar gets converted to glucose and provides the needed energy for each day’s work. But consuming sugar too frequently may be detrimental to your sexual health. Women with a high level of blood sugar may experience difficulty in sexual stimulation and arousal.

Sugar has also been identified as one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in men. So you might want to strike a balance when next you decide to binge eat a pack of candy or monitor how much carbonated-drink you consume per day.

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(2) You’re always stressed out

There’s nothing wrong in being industrious in your choice discipline but it’s important to note your health limits. Stress may leave you so drained that you’ll have no thought for sexual activity. Try to prioritize your daily tasks and take out time to relax or sleep when you’re worn out.

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