Five early signs of Pregnancy

Sometimes women only tend to believe they are pregnant when there is a stop in their monthly menstrual cycle, they might be wrong and sometimes they might just be a delay in the date.

Here are a few pointers,that might can suggest that you might be pregnant


Here’s an extremely common sign of pregnancy that almost everyone has heard of. “Morning sickness” is normally the way it is referred to, but it isn’t a sign that reveals itself very early in the pregnancy. Instead, motion sickness is something that may occur quite early, and may cause nausea while traveling by plane or by reading something while riding in the car.

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2. Fatigue

Feeling worn out and having difficulty getting through the day without a nap is another early sign of pregnancy that can begin in as little as two weeks after conception. Even at this early stage, the developing fetus is beginning to use a share of your caloric intake, and this can cause you to feel very fatigued.

3. Spotting

Another sign that may be a bit deceiving is spotting, which is also another early warning signal that your period is about to start. A “period” that is especially light and short in duration may not be a period at all, and could just be a little light bleeding that can take place as the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus.

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4. Cramps

Even though cramps often signal the early signs of menstruation, cramping cannot always be viewed as the “all clear” signal that may be hoped for. Cramps can also be one of the early signs of pregnancy as the uterus prepares itself by expanding a bit to accommodate the growing fetus.

5. Sore and tender breasts

The breasts are surprisingly quick to react to pregnancy since they are extremely sensitive to hormone changes that take place in the body. Pregnancy really kicks off a serious hormone party, and the breasts will normally react by becoming increasingly tender and a bit painful.


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