Executive Director of Danquah Institute confident NABCO will help enhance skills

On Saturday, on Newsfile, Kofi Bentil of Imani said that the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) will cause inflation in the country. In fact, with my very little knowledge in economics, I am struggling to understand the theoretical grounding as well as the empirical evidence behind his assertion. Is he suggesting that the moneys to be given the workers are freebies or for no work done?

Is this his understanding of NABCO, an intervention meant to soothe the pains of unemployed graduates and also equip them with skills, competencies and experience to make them better on that career path, and also enhance their chances in securing similar or alternative jobs in future? Their activities will also add to the productivity of the economy. For instance, the feed Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Digitize Ghana and the others are all productivity oriented modules.

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We must commend the government for this timely initiative, and encourage the private sector to continue to help in her job creation efforts, and to partner the government to help solve the frightening and precarious unemployment menace confronting the nation.

Though it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that everybody in the country has a job through direct job creation initiatives or creating a conducive economic environment for jobs to be created, I want to encourage the youth, especially the unemployed graduates to explore the economy and use their acquired knowledge and skills to set up something for themselves.

As we applaud the President and government for this important intervention, I would also encourage her to hasten her collaborative efforts with the private sector to establish the promised factories that will guarantee more permanent and sustained jobs for all, especially the youth–the pillar of our today and tomorrow.

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God bless Ghana!

Dr. Kingsley Nyarko

(Executive Director, Danquah Institute)


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