Envy no one – Mzvee to fans

Ghanaian music star, Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda better known in the Showbiz circles as MzVee has advised fans to work hard and never envy the life of another person.
According to her, just because you see some people smiling all the time is never a guarantee that all is well with them.
However, it might be contrary to what you are thinking about them, they might have worse situation than what you are dealing with.
The elegant musician took to her Instagram page to share these inspirational words with her fans.
“Just because don’t forget that we all put the best of ourselves out there for people to see. So at the end of the day know that that person you are envious of or that person whose life you want so bad thinking it will make things better for you also has issues and those issues might be worse that what you are dealing with”
“So let’s love ourselves and keep working as hard as we can everything will fall in its right place have a great morning loves,” she wrote.


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