DR Congo President gives Amnesty to Prisoners

President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi pledged Saturday to pardon political prisoners and said he would work for the return of those who had fled abroad for political reasons.

He said; “To consolidate democratic progress in our country, I have decided to make the easing of tensions a major goal during the first 100 days” of his mandate.

“Within 10 days I am going to grant a presidential pardon in favour of political prisoners who have been convicted by a final court judgment.”

The president added that he would have the justice minister order the conditional release of those held for expressing their rights, especially during political rallies held ahead of elections on December 30.

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He concluded: “Along the same lines, I am going to work hard to create the conditions for a rapid return of compatriots who are now abroad for political reasons, so they may exercise their activities within the rule of law and republican institutions.”

Source: AFP


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