‘Don’t use a bad relationship as an excuse to cheat’ – Counselor Adofoli


Honestly most of the advises these counsellors ‘package’ for us look paradoxical; foolish on the surface but a deeper look reveals they are for our own good.

Ghanaian marriage and relationship counselor, Counselor Edem Adofoli has advised people in a bad relationship never to use the bad relationship as a basis for cheating.

According to him, one of the greatest mistakes that one can commit is to get married and cheat just because he or she thinks they are in a bad marriage.

Read the full message below;

Written by Counselor Adofoli

One of the greatest mistakes one can commit in life is to get married to a cheat. Many people are so blind in life and get fooled by feelings, looks and money. No cheater reveals their true identity until you catch them. When people catch them they say it was a mistake.

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Their partners keep giving them chances but the outcome is almost the same. The cheater becomes smarter, finds ways and means to hide, lie, cheat and more.

Many singles are in relationships with people they love so much but have trust issues with them. They have forgiven their partners for cheating on them but why can’t they forget the instance and trust them again?

The truth is saying “I am sorry” after cheating doesn’t take away the scar even after the wound is healed. Sorry best works when a mistake is made but not when trust is broken.

Forgiving people who cheat on you can be easy but forgetting and trusting them again is a nightmare. Sometimes, it just feels impossible. When you find yourself in a relationship, it’s okay to make a mistake but never break the trust, for when you do, you destroy the relationship.

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Cheating has nothing to do with the relationship, it’s a matter of character, a personal decision. An Honest person will never cheat no matter how bad they are treated or how bad the relationship gets because it’s not in their nature. But a dishonest person will cheat no matter how good things are.


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