Donald Trump visits South Korea for the first time

President Donald Trump on Sunday made history by stepping on the North Korean soil as he met Pyongyang’s leader Kim Jong Un in a moment of high diplomatic drama on the world’s last Cold War frontier.

Moments after becoming the only sitting US president to set foot inside North Korea, Trump brought Kim back over the dividing line for a meeting where they agreed to start working-level talks on Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons.

Trump, also in return said he had invited 35-year-old Kim to the White House “anytime he wants to do it”.

“It was an honour that you asked me to step over that line, and I was proud to step over the line,” he told Kim.

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As they sat down for discussions, Kim said their “handshake of peace” in a location that was “the symbol of the division of north and south” showed that “we are willing to put the past behind us”.

The impromptu meeting in the DMZ — after Trump issued an invitation on Twitter the day before — came with negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington at a deadlock.

Source: AFP


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