Donald Trump Impeachment Process set to begin Today

President Donald Trump impeachment process will begin today, this makes him the third US leader ever to face impeachmeny, when the House of Representatives is set for a historic vote that would trigger his trial in the Senate.

Trump said he was being subjected to an “attempted coup” and a witch trial.

In an extraordinarily angry six-page letter, the president told Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the Democratic-led House of Representatives, that “history will judge you harshly.”

The letter came just minutes before Pelosi announced that the House would vote Wednesday.

“The House of Representatives will exercise one of the most solemn powers granted to us by the Constitution as we vote to approve two articles of impeachment against the president of the United States,” Pelosi said in a letter to Democratic colleagues on Tuesday.

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“During this very prayerful moment in our nation’s history, we must honor our oath to support and defend our constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” she added.

Source:; AFP


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