DKB is not even a joker let alone a Comedian

Ghanaian comedian, Augustine Dennis better known in the showbiz circles as Auggie has described DKB as a cheap liar.    

The comedians comment comes following reports that the self-acclaimed comedy (king) DKB has said that he (Augustine) came to him to learn how to write better jokes.

According to the comedian, he’s not the type of person who will ever reach out to anyone to help him write his comedy piece.

However, he believes DKB has little idea about what comedy means, he knows little to call himself a “King”.

The comedy personality shared the post on his Facebook page.

“I’ve heard him say that, I came to him over 7 times to ask him how to write better jokes. That’s a fat lie! That isn’t consistent with my character-to reach out to another comedian to write jokes for me”

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“That’s one thing I love about comedy-it’s an individual sport- just one man with his tool slugging it out. You’re your own editor, writer and producer. You are the only one responsible for what happens to you up there”

“DKB doesn’t know enough about comedy to give me any sage advice or ‘strategies’ as he put it, as to write jokes. That’s like Michelangelo seeking painting advice from a street corner artist. I can’t- I couldn’t. Too busy painting the Sistine chapel,” he wrote.




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