Dismissed Police Officer arrested for stealing motorcycles

A dismissed policeman, of the Nigeria Police Force identified as Usman Zubairu, has been nabbed by the Police force for allegedly stealing motorcycles from unsuspecting riders in Lagos.

According to reports,the culprit was dismissed from service in 2014, operated under the guise of being an active policeman to deceive his victims.

Zubairu was arrested after he tried to steal a motorcycle of one of his victims,chinda Ayuba, after it was agreed to release his motorcycle to Zubairu because he believed that he was a policeman.

According to the victim: “A man stopped my motorcycle and introduced himself as a policeman. He told me to take him to Ijora from the Maroko area of Lagos, and I told him that I could not go there. He begged me to help him and promised that no policeman would arrest me.

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“While on our way, he saw two boys and asked me to stop. He asked the boys what happened and they explained that some policemen had seized their motorcycles. He asked the boys to give him N1,000 each in order to assist them to get their motorcycles back. He then collected my motorcycle and asked me to wait with the two boys. I waited till sunset but he did not come back with my motorcycle.”

Another victim, Abdulmalik Isah, said Zubairu identified himself as a mobile policeman and took him to the Maroko Police Station where his motorcycle was stolen.

The 26-year-old stated, “He claimed to be a mobile policeman and made me to take him to the Maroko Police Station. On getting there, he asked me to follow him inside, which I did.

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“He told me to wait for him at the station that he wanted to buy something outside. After some time, I decided to come out to check my motorcycle and I could not find it where it was parked. I waited from 2pm till 6pm before I made a report at the police station.”

Isah added that Zubairu was apprehended and handed over to the police when he tried to steal another motorcycle from a rider in his area.

Source: tsb.com.ng


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