Death of 100 soldiers: President Buhari, It’s Time to Go!

The successive killings of our soldiers by Boko-Haram is a red flag to every Nigerian and here is why. The Islamic state west African Province (ISWAP) an affiliate of ISIS under the leadership of Elbinawi is currently the most deadly terrorist group in Africa and top three in the world.

Please forget Shekau, he is a rabble rouser compared to Elbinawi, Elbinawi apart from being a killer and thief loves money. Shekau has not taken a dime from Nigeria according to account by several people close to the Boko Haram sect. Elbinawi emerged after Buhari came to power and has collected millions of dollars for the Dapchi girls and other abductees.

Majority of Boko-Haram fighters arrested during the previous administration have been released by this administration including their commander’s and footsoldiers under the guise of repentance by the Buhari Administration. When I say Buhari has emboldened Boko-Haram in my articles this is what I’m referring to.

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Let it be on record that the United States captured some terrorists in Afghanistan 13yrs ago. Those guys are still in detention till date at Guantanamo Bay. Why? Because terrorists do not repent and do not deserve a second chance at life. They will die there (as Nigerians will say).

Here in Nigeria, there is no single Boko-Haram member in detention and none has been caught since 2015. Buhari has released all!

The recent attack on our soldiers in Jili that killed over 200 of them in April and the recent one that killed over 100 is a sign that Boko-Haram is not here to play and we must be very prayerful. As at this morning, ISIS have suffered so much casualty in the middle east that they are already looking for exit routes and they’ve found a good ally in Nigeria.

The recent video released by BH shows they are not here to play. It shows they’ve gone up higher in intelligence and equipment which supercedes that of Nigeria. Having a camera man on a war front shows they will never suffer CASUALTY as they came prepared!

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At this level, it is important we make it a national responsibility to vote out President Buhari. Our soldiers are dying daily and it’s reducing their strength. Nigeria, a county of over 100m people did not have up to 3m soldiers! And we want to win Boko-Haram?

The dwindling numbers of officers commissioned into the Nigerian Army since 2015 is not encouraging, the last recruitment had less than 1000 officers which means Nigerians are no more interested! Let’s subtract the officers on special duty and operations in different state of the federation out of the 3 million. We simply have less than 1 million soldiers to protect Nigeria and less than 50,000 in the North East!

At this level all of us are endangered and we must accept that fact. I don’t care your level of political divide. President Buhari has failed on Boko-Haram and its time to let him go. Our soldiers were killed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today is Saturday, the President has not said anything yet. The National Assembly has spoken, Atiku has spoken, he has released a video and granted scholarship. It means Buhari does not give a damn.

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Our cashtivists (sorry Activists) that nearly killed Johnathan with criticism where are they today? Tolu Ogunlesi is not aware? Lauretta is not aware? Pastor Tunde Bakare is not aware? Hadiza Bala Usman is not aware? Shame on you all!

Before you come for me, let me ask you, do you have an international passport? Do you have 500k you keep for emergency exit out of Nigeria?? If no, get your PVC and vote out Buhari!

President Buhari, It’s time to go.

Abdulazeez Abdulrahman Ibrahim


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