David Oscar is the reason Stand-Up comedy is still standing – Khemikal

Ghanaian comedians Khemikal has stated emphatically that David Oscar is the reason why Stand-Up comedy still stands in Ghana today. .
The comedians comment comes following reports that David Oscar has shared on his Facebook that he’s the best thing that happened to Stand-Up comedy in Ghana and anyone who believes otherwise should come out.
In a Facebook post the comedian revealed that David Oscar did a good job by fighting a battle either of them couldn’t have fought.
The comedian post read “People will not understand but If David Oscar says he’s the best thing that happened to Ghanaian Stand-Up Comedy”
“He’s right! He did a good job to stand and fight for us. Battles we couldn’t have fought for ourselves. He made his mark and without him we wouldn’t be where we are now Take it or leave it, he’s the best thing that happened to Ghanaian Stand Up Comedy” he wrote

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