Court Launches Bid To Stop Johnson Suspending UK Parliament

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suspended the parliament just weeks before Britain’s EU departure date faced legal challenges on Thursday following a furious outcry from pro-Europeans and MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson announced the surprise decision Wednesday to dismiss parliament  known as proroguing for nearly five weeks next month, claiming it was necessary to allow him to pursue a “bold and ambitious” new domestic agenda.

But the move sent shockwaves through the British political system, which relies on centuries of precedents and conventions instead of a codified constitution.

Johnson’s opponents have labelled the suspension of parliament a “coup” and a “constitutional outrage” and it prompted immediate court bids in London and Edinburgh to halt the process.

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Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, has also written to request an audience with Queen Elizabeth II to voice his opposition to the suspension, as has Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson.

Labour’s finance spokesman John McDonnell said his party would not allow Johnson to behave like a “dictator”.

Source: AFP


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