Court Denies Motion to Increase R. Kelly’s $1 Million Bond

Judge Cook County has denied a motion to increase R. Kelly’s $1 million bond,  the
judge demanded that he shows up for his status hearing on his 10-count sex assault case after he failed to appear in court last month.

Also, the judge refused to give $100,000 in bail money to bank to, Valencia Love, a friend of the RnB star who paid it in February to secure his release from county jail.

Love’s lawyer said she didn’t know when she paid 10% of a $1 million bond that R. Kelly will be charged for federal crimes and land in federal jail.

R. Kelly has a couple of legal issues with two state cases pending against him and he is being held without bond on federal charges in Illinois and New York.

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Some of the accusations include sex trafficking, child pornography and obstruction of justice.

Source: ABC7 News


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