Breaking: Donald Trump Impeached for Abuse of Power

The House of Representatives on Wednesday, voted to impeach President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The vote followed weeks of testimony related to his dealings with Ukraine and hours of fiery debate over the process.

Dozens of House members uttered tens of thousands of words during Wednesday’s marathon and historic impeachment debate.

President Trump sent a rambling six-page letter Tuesday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling Congress’ impeachment inquiry a partisan “crusade,” an “unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power” and a “spiteful” “election-nullification scheme.”

The House Judiciary Committee released its full 658-page report just after midnight Sunday, in which the majority calls Trump the “Framers’ worst nightmare.”

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The House has adjourned until 9 a.m. on Thursday when they will debate and then vote on the “managers,” who act as prosecutors in the Senate trial.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic candidate for president, also voted ‘present’ on impeachment. She voted  — rather than for or against — both articles of impeachment. She is the only member to have voted present.“After doing my due diligence in reviewing the 658-page impeachment report, I came to the conclusion that I could not in good conscience vote either yes or no,” she said after casting her vote.


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