Boxer attempts to kill baby mama for refusing him sex

A boxer identified as Javier Sosa,24, decided to beat up his baby Mama after she refused him sex, according to reports the culprit handed himself in to police for her “murder” – but later found out she was alive and had merely fainted.

According to the Police in Sarmiento, Argentina, they said Sosa dragged the woman into a derelict home, hit her and left for for dead.

The boxer handed himself in at a police station but Ms Castro had managed to get to hospital and tell police of the attack.

She said: “He went crazy and started to strangle me with his hands until I fainted. Then he hit me on the head and body with a rock.”

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The teenager claimed Sosa had asked to meet up near her mother’s house so he could give her a present for their 10-month-old baby son.

But the struggle allegedly ensued on the street and in the empty property.

It’s alleged Sosa, who practises boxing and karate, has attacked his ex a number of times previously – including when she was pregnant.

Sosa has been detained in police custody and faces serious charges, while investigation into the attack continues.



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