ICYMI: Boris Johnson promises to land Brexit deal in January

British Prime Minister , Boris Johnson has blamed his opposition party for his inability to take Britain out of the European Union by October 31st, 2019, he has promised to deliver Brexit by January, if he wins the upcoming pre-Christmas election.

According to reports, Johnson is getting the figures in the opinion polls going into the December 12 vote.

The Prime Minister has claimed he is a victim of parliamentary opposition parties that refused to follow the wishes of UK voters who chose to leave Europe in the knife-edge 2016 referendum.

“After three-and-a-half years, it was perfectly obvious to me that this parliament is just not going to vote Brexit through,” Johnson said during a campaign stop at a hospital.

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“If you vote for us and we get our programme through, which we will as a I say, it’s oven-ready, it’s there to go we can be out, at the absolute latest, by January next year.”

Source: AFP


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