Boris Johnson offers December 12 for Brexit Election

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday offered parliament more time to go through his Brexit deal if it agrees to hold a snap general election on December 12.

The debate was suspended on his EU divorce deal after MPs on Tuesday refused to rush it through parliament in time for the October 31 Brexit deadline.

Lawmakers on Tuesday gave their support “in principle” for the agreement but voted down the proposed timetable.

It had been the first time that the House of Commons had backed any Brexit proposal since the 2016 EU referendum.

The EU is expected to agree the length of a Brexit deadline extension on Friday.

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Johnson has asked the EU for a three-month delay that could be cut short in case of a breakthrough that finally sees the deal approved by MPs.

Johnson said Thursday that the only way to make real progress now was by MPs agreeing to a general election.

“If they genuinely want more time to study this excellent deal, they can have it but they have to agree on a general election on December 12,” he said.

“It’s time, frankly, that the opposition summoned up the nerve to submit themselves to the judgement of our collective boss, which is the people of the UK.”

The main opposition Labour Party has previously refused to back snap polls until the possibility of a chaotic “no-deal” Brexit on October 31 has been firmly ruled out.

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The party’s parliamentary business spokeswoman Valerie Vaz reaffirmed that position in parliament to jeers from Conservative MPs.

“The Labour Party will back an election once no deal is ruled out and if the extension allows,” Vaz said.

Source: AFP


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