Bizzare!!! Woman kills her step-son, by poisoning his food

The life of a young boy identified as Joe, was cut short, allegedly by his step-mother,after  she was accused of poisoning the boy’s food after asking her for food.

The woman identified as Bana Joe  is alleged to have killed the young boy because she was tired of preparing meals for the 4 years old child in Kitwe area of Zambia.

According to eye witnesses , the boy was poisoned as his stomach looked swollen and white substances were coming out of his noise at the time they discovered his corpse.

The father, Mr Kunda is said to have been going round Mindolo area for the past two days looking for the child as the wife reportedly played ignorance.

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Neighbours of the same family told Koswe that the step mother was ever complaining of feeding another woman’s child while she was failing to conceive.



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