Bizzare!!! Woman gets stabbed eight times after a WhatsApp group fight

A woman was stabbed eight times in the head with a nail file after a fight broke out after a WhatsApp group, after one mum decided to delete another from a chat group about the nursery class their children both attend.

The victim identified as Anastasia Markova, 27, blocked a new mum at the kindergarten in St Petersburg, Russia from joining the online mums’ chat about school events because she was “aggressive” and “kept complaining about her poor life”.

She said: “That’s why I deleted her from the chat.”

Lyudmila Balkovaya-Kunitskaya, 28, hit back saying her rival was too “posh” and acted like a Russian Empress.

Both women were treated in hospital after the row spilled into a bloody fight at the gates of the upscale state nursery school.

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Lyudmila alleged that as she left after dropping off her daughter, her rival “was the first to attack – she tried to turn my pram upside down with my one year old child in it.

“I had to protect myself.”

She admitted using a nail file to attack Anastasia, whose bandaged head leaked blood after the fight.

Police said they later seized a pen-knife from the woman.

Anastasia strongly denied she had been the first to attack and said that the other woman had earlier reacted to being blocked from the WhatsApp group by messaging her “that she would blow up my car with my child’.

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She was taken to hospital where she was treated for concussion and multiple cuts and bruises. She has a large scar on her forehead a week after the ugly fight.

Anastasia claimed that Lyudmila had annoyed other mothers by stressing how she had fled from the war zone in eastern Ukraine and “asking if we could help her with money” because of her “poverty”.

Lyudmila admitted she was a “refugee” from the war zone, but hit back: “It doesn’t mean I am evil.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said: “Police are studying all the circumstances of the conflict.” A decision will be made soon on criminal charges.

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