Bizzare!!! Woman beheads her son after he reminded her of his father


A Lesbian mother identified as Rosana Candido,27, tore off her nine-year-old son’s penis with the help of her lesbian lover, Kacyla Pessoa, 28,  later decided to behead him because “he reminded her of her dad”.

The duo stabbed her 9-year-old Rhuan over a dozen times, they removed all the skin from his face and used a knife to try to gouge out his eyeballs to prevent possible recognition. They then butchered the boy’s body.

They attempted to burn some of the boy’s body part on a barbeque but botched it so they stuffed his remains in a suitcase and dumped it in a sewer.

The body was later found in the suitcase, police said. Other parts were found in two backpacks at their home in Brazil.

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