Bizzare!!! Undergraduate murders University lecturer

An University undergraduate has been accused of alledgedly killing a  research assistant at an Ankara university, after she caught him cheating in an exam.

According to reports, the Cankaya University law school student, identified only as Ismail H., first stabbed the research assistant, identified as Ceren Damar Senel, and then shot her dead.
Damar, who was severely injured, succumbed to her wounds despite efforts by paramedics.

The police determined that the suspect had used a gun owned by his father, a retired police officer, to shoot the academic.

In a statement Cankaya University said exams throughout the university were suspended for one day and for three days, between Jan. 3 and 5, at the law faculty.

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Meanwhile, the Ankara Public Prosecutor’s Office said on Thursday that it had also launched another investigation regarding the same incident over a student’s remarks “praising a crime and a criminal.”

The prosecutor’s office said their investigation concerns a student, known only by the initials M.B., who said: “This exemplary behavior [of the killing of Ceren Damar Senel] will hopefully reflect on our exams. Have a nice working day, everyone.”

The murder also sparked a debate on gun ownership in Turkey where citizens own more than 25 million firearms.

Source: Daily News


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