Bizzare!!! Man stabs girlfriend to death after little argument

A family was left in pains after a lady and her friend were stabbed to death, one of the ladies identified as Anda Beja (20) was murdered when she tried to help her friend, Zikhona Mayila (18).

A teacher at Ncuncuzo High School in Cofimvaba, South Africa, said the whole class is deeply affected by the loss. “They were all crying and needed counselling,” said the teacher.

Thethinto Mayila, Zikhona’s father said he was shocked to hear she had died in an apparent argument with her boyfriend. “She was a good child and never gave them any trouble. She loved going to church,” he said.

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Ntombifuthi Mnqibisa (38) said Anda, who was her first-born daughter, died while trying to help.

“She was living in a rented property close to the school with friends,” said Ntombifuthi.“She stayed with me all these years and only started living apart last year. She called out the suspect’s name before she died.”

Cluster commander, Brigadier Mirriam Nkombisa, condemned the murders.

Cop spokesman Captain Namhla Mdleleni said the girls were allegedly at home when the suspect entered and had an argument with his girlfriend. He stabbed her and she died at the scene.

“One of the girls tried to intervene and was also stabbed. She ran to a nearby house. When the police arrived they found that she was dead,” said Mdleleni.

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She said the 27-year-old suspect will appear at the Cofimvaba Magistrates Court today and faces a charge of double murder.


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