Bizzare!!! Man hangs wife to death, because she refused to abort the baby

A Pakistani man identified as Masmaat, decided to hang his pregnant wife to death in Faisal Town, Lahore, Pakistan, because she refused to obey his decision to abort their baby when they discovered it was a girl.

The deceased identified as MianFaisal Shahzad, a lawyer by profession, got married three years ago and they have a son. Masmaat took in again and was expecting a girl.

According to reports, after finding out the baby Masmaat was carrying was a girl, Faisal wanted her to abort it but she objected.

Masmaat’s refusal resulted in constant arguments and fights between the couple. One night, Faisal got drunk and took his wife’s life by hanging her from a fan.

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The Faisal Town police responded to the crime scene and arrested Faisal while the body of the victim was taken to the Jinnah Hospital, an investigation has been launched.



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