Bizzare!!! Iranian woman sets herself ablaze over a stadium ban

An Iranian woman identifed simply as Sahar decided to set herself on fire, after she was not allowed into the stadium to watch a male football match.

Woman are prohibited from watching men’s sport in stadia in the strict Muslim theocracy.

Iranian women at a football match

She was arrested and later released from custody only to return to the police station later in the day to get her mobile phone back.

According to her sister the woman suffered from bi-polar disorder and her mental health had deteriorated while she was locked up.

When she got to the station and the officers explained that she may yet spend time in prison, she doused herself in petrol and set fire to herself.

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The blaze caused burns on 90% of her body

Despite the efforts of doctors caring for the woman – who has been on life support since arriving at hospital – she died from her injuries.

The woman’s drastic actions have triggered a great deal of debate in Iran.

Masoud Shojaei, captain of the men’s national football team, posted a message of support for the woman’s cause on his Instagram page.

He wrote, “As we are shocked by old limitations set for women, the future generations will be astonished to (find out) that women were banned from entering sports arenas in our time.

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“The origin of such limitations is the rotten and disgusting thinking of the past, and will be incomprehensible for the next generation.”

Source: Daily Mirror


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