Bizzare!!! 16 year-old girl gang raped by 4 men in Lagos


It was a horrible experience for a 16 year-old lady who shared the story of how she was gang raped by  four men in Maryland, Lagos to the Ikeja Magistrate Court on Tuesday 5th of March.

According to reports, three of the suspects, Toilofari Victor (22), Emmanuel Abdul (24) and Leonard Justice (22) were slammed a three-count charge of conspiracy, defilement and abduction of a minor before the magistrate.

Prosecutor, Inspector D. Raphael said the defendants committed the offence around 10 a.m on the 30th of January 2019 at the Army Cantonment, Maryland, Lagos.

The victim said; “I was sent to Mammy Market to buy pepper by my aunty. On my way, I saw two guys that I didn’t know from anywhere. They called me, but I didn’t answer. They came and met me, held my hands and put me in a tricycle.


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