BBA Star Beverly Osu sends N*des to Married Actor On Instagram

Ex BBA the chase star, Beverly Osu, apparently got a lot of trading or free time to spare ㅡ trading or time, we believe, gave her the room to take naughty shots of herself and sent them to a very married Nigerian artiste.
The amazingly pretty actress may have made a wrong choice this time, cos the pictures somehow found it’s way into the wrong hands, and believe me, there’s no recovery from that.

Her uncl@d pictures are now on the internet, thanks to ‘naughty selfie times’ and NaijaGistLive, who first laid their hands on it.

Miss Beverly Osu may have had divine inspiration, or perhaps, let’s say, a revelation ㅡ that transferring her naughty, uncl@d pictures to a very married artist was the best thing to do whenever one’s bored.  However, they somehow transferred into the hands of the gossip blog.

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According to reports, it started off as a silly selfie transfer

Then it somehow migrated to her showing off her tongue ring

 And… down it went to the bra level


And then… BOOM! It went down that road!

See more nude photos here



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