Antoine Griezmann’s attitude on Ballon d’Or snub is inexplicable


A day which was a historic moment in football. Luka Modric crowned the Ballon d’Or winner after a decade of dominance by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Messi failed to even break into the top 3 of the awards. Modric was followed by Ronaldo and Griezmann, while Mbappe finished at #4 followed by Lionel Messi at #5.

Antoine Griezmann however, despite his third-placed finish has shown his frustrations and disappointment on missing the Ballon d’Or.

“I won a Europa League, a World Cup – what else I have to do, I do not know,” said the Atletico Madrid star.

He is making a point that even after winning two silverwares he is not considered for the Ballon d’Or. The shouldn’t even be making the point. First and foremost, it is an individual award which should be based on individual brilliance and not team success. Secondly, the Europa League is nothing to brag about? It is a league where teams who are mostly not in the top 5 leagues play, and where the 5th, 6th and maybe 7th placed teams of the top 5 leagues play.

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How did he end up playing Europa League? Because he was taken to the cleaners along with his team in the Champions League. What is so funny, Antoine? Going by logic, each team that made the knockouts of UEFA Champions League has to be considered better than those who were relegated, if you will, to Europa League.

Next point. A World Cup winner. Quite rightly, he has won the World Cup but he had a team with him. It was not like Brazil 1998 where Ronaldo took his team to the finals single handily and missed out. It wasn’t like France 2006 where Zidane failed to get the trophy. Neither was it Argentina 2014, where Lionel Messi failed to get his hands on the trophy. Simply, he wasn’t the only standout performer in the team. Mbappe, Pavard, Pogba, Kante, everyone equally stepped up to the task.

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Of the four goals in the World Cup, three of them were penalties. One each against Australia, Argentina, and Croatia. One goal that he scored from open play was against Uruguay. How? His shot was misjudged by Muslera and went in off his palms. Griezmann’s Fortnite L celebration looked better than his work on the pitch. Honestly, he could not be considered the pivotal part of the team alone. Varane, Mbappe, and Kante could all claim that they were more instrumental.

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