Amazon to offer employees $10,000 to quit their jobs


Most employees in the United States of America might be quitting their pay jobs after Amazon made an offer of $10,000 for them to quit their jobs and become independent package delivery entrepreneurs for the online retail organization.

According to a statement released by, the latest incentive would also include three months of wages for employees who want to start their own delivery enterprise, and that they would be assured “consistent delivery volume” from the company.

The move comes with Amazon seeking to reduce its dependence on services in the US Postal Service and Fedex. Amazon launched the “delivery service partner” program in 2018, requiring employees to invest in their own start and estimating revenues for up to $300,000.

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Since last year, some 200 people have begun Amazon delivery startups, and the company said it expects “hundreds” more with the added incentives, available in the United States, Britain and Spain.


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