“All vows including marriage vows are satanic” – Daddy Freeze says with reasons


Popular On-Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has said all vows are satanic, which also includes marriage vows.

Freeze is also of the opinion that a couple is not really married if they do not have each other’s private information, including free access to each other’s mobile devices and bank accounts.

He said for a couple to truly be married, they shouldn’t be leading separate lives. This means they should have each other’s phone passwords, “along with your bank details/account balance.”

He went on to say that, ” you don’t need a priest or a church to get married” because “we are all priests” therefore you can “pronounce YOURSELF married”. He continued, saying, ” IT’S YOUR GOD GIVEN DUTY and it has NOTHING to do with the church.”

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He wrote:

For Christians, the scriptures say two became one. How can you become one with someone who can’t access your phone, email or bank details? HOW?

Those pulpit gaslights have lied to you all your life, a great pity it is that you are living a lie and the consequence is your expulsion from God’s city read Rev22:15.

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