Airtel Money, Tigo Cash becomes AirtelTigo Money

Telecom company, AirtelTigo, has rebranded its mobile money solutions as AirtelTigo Money and is integrating former Airtel Money and Tigo Cash customers unto one expanded and secure platform.

The Chief Executive Officer of AirtelTigo, Roshi Motman, who told journalists at a press briefing said customers would be able to enjoy a superior experience of product innovation, reduced customer cost of transaction, and wider agent network.

The Director for AirtelTigo Money, Edmund Barwuah, revealed that as a combined entity, AirtelTigo has 6 million registered Mobile Money customers while mobile money transaction count is approximately 4.5 million per month. He added that the value of transactions is GHS 214 million and they currently have 11 partner banks which they hope to increase to 20.

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He hoped with the integrated and expanded platform,AirtelTigo would be able to sign on more customers and was keen on driving innovation within the mobile money space.

The rebranding of their mobile financial services follows the merger between Airtel and Tigo in November 2017. It is the first of its kind in Ghana and is expected to create a wider network coverage, expanded retail footprint and robust platforms for Enterprise and Mobile Money customers.


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