Again, Diego Maradona takes another swipe at Lionel Messi


The Barcelona superstar is considered by many as the best player to ever grace a football field.

But Maradona, who also wasn’t too bad in his heyday, has often found it necessary to criticise Messi on a number of occasions.

And after spending a few days in hospital, the Dorados manager has again hit out at his fellow countryman, accusing him of lacking leadership qualities.

“I love Messi with all my heart. They want to make him a leader but he isn’t able to do that because he’s going to be in his sporting world and with his family,” he told Argentine newspaper Ole.

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As mentioned, this isn’t the first time Maradona has taken a swipe at Messi.

After Argentina’s dismal World Cup showing, the former national team boss said: “He’s a great player but he doesn’t do it.

“It’s a waste of time to make him a leader when he needs to go to the bathroom twenty times before a match.

“He’s scared.

Lionel Messi lacks leadership, according to Maradona (Pic: Getty)

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