A broke guy cannot approach me – Actress Ella Mensah


Money actually changes lives and makes things better. As Davido even said in his ’Assurance’ song, ’Love is sweet oo, when money enter love is sweet’. Yes life is indeed sweet when one has money.

Most ladies you meet will tell you they will never date a broke guy because they can’t take care of them.

In a latest interview with actress Ella Mensah on the Delay Show, where she, actually said a lot of things but what caught our attention was one which she made mention that she doesn’t date poor men and that they can’t even approach her.

Ella Mensah elaborated that broke men can not approach her and that they pass any time they see her. She said for the kind of life she lives and her status, broke men can’t afford that.

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She further said that she doesn’t make friends with poor people since that will even draw her back in life. She even mentioned that the cost of her bleaching injection alone is around £2,000 and that alone is a lot which means she can never have a broke guy.

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