Bizarre!!! Man appears 6 times in Court for same offence


The case of a black man who was tried six separate times for the same crime in a process tainted by charges of racism, apparently has made the Judge exhausted over the case.

One of the judges, Associate Justice Samuel Alito, one of the five conservative justices on the nine-member bench, said he found aspects of the case of death row inmate Curtis Flowers “troubling.”

The culprit was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to death for the July 1996 murders of four people in a furniture store in Winona, Mississippi, where he had briefly worked until being fired.

Flowers was tried five separate times for the crime before his 2010 conviction and has spent nearly half his life behind bars.

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Three convictions were thrown out on appeal because of prosecutorial misconduct and two trials ended in a hung jury.

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