8 signs to know your girlfriend is cheating on you

Sometimes, our guards are been let down and he begin to suspect the our partners are cheating on us.

Are you suspecting her of cheating on you? Do you think your gut is right? Here are things women do when they’re cheating:

1. Suddenly, she’s attached to her phone.

Walks around with it, is always texting and, you’re banned from touching it and anyway, even if you get it, you will not find anything as it’s highly secured. Same as the computer. Obviously, there’s something she’s hiding from you.

2. And speaking of phones, she walks away to pick some calls, or ignores certain calls.

While this could not always mean that she’s cheating, if it happens too often, then it’s a telltale sign that that there’s someone new in the picture.

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3. She constantly wants to know about your schedule.

She wants to know what you’re doing over the weekend, what time you’re coming back home and what not. Reason? She wants to know when she can be free to cheat.

4. She show’s you little to no affection.

You used to get hugs, morning kisses, sweet texts, lots of love making. But all that is pretty much dead and buried. She no longer wants to cuddle and always has an excuse as to why she doesn’t want to have sex.

5. She’s suddenly obsessed with how she looks.

She always seems to be dressing up and looking all pretty, but it’s never for you. New clothes, makeup on fleek, hair looking great and she looks happy and reborn. She’s probably doing this to impress a certain new someone.

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6. New interests or phrases.

As human beings, we tend to pick up habits from people we constantly spend time with. If your girl is suddenly into say, y. and that was not her thing, or trail biking at Karura or keeps repeating a new word or new phrases, chances are, she could be learning them from a new ‘friend’.

7. She is excited when she’s on her phone.

Does she act coy? All smiley and giggly when chatting with someone on her phone? Hmm, who could that be? If all the above signs are there then my friend, it’s bad news for you.

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8. She no longer minds that you’re often away.

Before, she would complain that you’re not spending time with her as much as you should but these days she even suggests that you should hang with your boys more. For her, the more you’re away from her, the better! After all, that way, she will have enough time to chat and talk with her new bae.

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