7 reasons why people cheat in relationship

There are a few reasons why people cheat in relationship but some can be avoided while some can’t be avoided.

Below are few reasons which generally influence people to cheat.

1. Commitment issues

Some people just never seem to get the concept of exclusiveness of relationships.

2. Curiosity

For the wild at heart, there’s always a willingness to explore and see what else they might be missing by being stuck to just one partner.

3. Need for attention

Sometimes, people are moved into infidelity by a lack of attention on their partner’s part.

4. Disappointment

The expectation in their mind before entering the relationship was not met, leading to a search for that thing somewhere else.

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5. Sexual dissatisfaction

In this context, we are talking about situations where a healthy appetite for sex is not ever satisfied.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people shirk their duty to be faithful and go after other people.

6. Sex addiction

Cheating for some people is as a result of their limitless desire for sexual activity and gratification which, most times, their partners can’t keep up with.

7. Revenge

Some other persons cheat in a bid to get back at their disloyal, unfaithful partners.

In an instance such as this, the line between what is right and what is not becomes blurred.

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However, two wrongs don’t ever make a right and cheating remains cheating no matter how ‘valid’ or ‘justifiable’ your reason is.

In conclusion, the reasons listed, as already pointed out, are not to justify the act of cheating itself, but to help partners realise what the possible reasons for cheating are.

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