6 things you must do to become successful

Time management is one of the keys to success in life so here are a few characteristics of successful people.

An Open Schedule: Successful people have a laser-focused plan of what they want to achieve each day and this is because it gives them a shot at the perfect day. Some things like work and other appointments can be set in stone.

Unproductive Commute Time: In a city like Lagos where you will usually be in a long commute to work each other, you can you make the most out of it by turning unproductive time into productive time. Either by reading or listening to e-books.

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Multitasking: I know you must have heard that multitasking is a good thing and a delight to your boss but I am here to tell you that it kills productivity. When the brain is forced to switch back and forth between tasks, it slows down and becomes less efficient.

Not having clear set goals: Of all the items on this list, goal setting will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor because how can you truly want success if you do not write or plan set goals.

Answering the Phone While They’re Busy: You see, successful business people report being 26% more productive when they put their phone away. They know the texts, calls, and social media updates will be there when they get back.

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Waiting for the time to be Perfect: People who are successful do not wait until they feel ready to start. Most people are in the same boat with no money, no resources, no contacts, no experience, nothing. The difference is that successful people start with what they have with no guarantee of success.

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