6 Ghana music beefs of 2019

Like in every music industry across the world, Ghana’s is also equally filled with a bit of drama with each passing year.

While 2019 has been an eventful year in terms of artistes’ breakthroughs, there is no denying of the fact that some musicians have clashed in the process.

The eternal beef between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy has finally come to an end, but other interesting beefs have also sprung up.

While the two dancehall artistes settled their issues in 2019, new rivalries took centre stage to spice up the music industry.

Here are the six most heated beefs in Ghana music in 2019:

1. Fantana and Epixode

Fantana and Epixode

Rarely do you hear of a male and female artiste beefing each other, however, this trend was very common in 2019.

RuffTown Records signee Fantana was on a collision course with dancehall artiste Epixode, with both artistes having a go at each other.

Their beef began when Epixode spoke unpleasantly about Fantana’s music, saying: “Truth be told, I don’t know who the artist is. I had to find out yesterday… I don’t know Fantana,”.

However, Fantana did not take this lightly and hit back at Epixode, questioning his relevance in the music industry.

She subsequently took a swipe at the “Avatar” singer, insisting her accomplishments in four months are greater than what Epixode has achieved in his entire career.

“Epixode, so what is a weak song? But where is your hit song? What you have been trying to do in 4years, I have done in 4 months!” Fantana rebutted. You decide who won this beef.

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2. Medikal and Strongman

Medikal and Strongman

Somewhere in June 2019, in the same week when Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale ended their beef, the rap industry responded with its version.

Rappers Medikal and Strongman brought some spark to the industry after going head-to-head in a lyrical war.

Medikal stoked the fire when he released “To Whom It May Concern” – a song in which he jabbed some of his colleague rappers.

While many rappers overlooked it, Strongman took it upon himself and responded with his own diss song titled “Don’t try me”, totally shredding the AMG rapper to pieces.

Later on the same day, Medikal retaliated with another diss song titled “The last burial”, to which Strongman reciprocated with “Immortal”.

The two rappers went at each other for over 48 hours, taking over Ghana Twitter in that period, in what was one of the most exciting lyrical battles we’ve seen in recent years.

3. Kelvyn Boy and Wendy Shay

Kelvyn Boy and Wendy Shay

Just like with Fantana and Epixode, Kelvyn Boy and Wendy Shay were also involved in a shocking beef during the year.

Surprisingly, their beef started on a platform which was supposed to see Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale smoke the peace pipe.

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In the course of the programme, Kelvyn Boy appeared to snub Wendy Shay, having exchanged pleasantries with everyone on the podium except the “Ghana Boys” hit maker.

Wendy Shay took offence with the gesture, and the involvement of her manager, Bullet, made the case worse.

In the ensuing beef, Kelvyn Boy jabbed Wendy and called her an empty artiste who cannot even write her songs.

In response, Wendy said suggested the ‘Mea” singer was jealous of her, while also posting several cryptic messages on social media to spite Kelvyn Boy. Although their beef did not last, it certainly got the attention of Ghanaians.

4. Keche and Pappy Kojo

Keche and Pappy Kojo

Among the many notable beefs that took place in the Ghana music industry in 2019, one half of the group Keche also had his problems with Pappy Kojo.

Joshua, who is a member of the musical group Keche, threw several shots at Pappy Kojo, threatening to ‘kill’ his career.

He went on to release a diss song titled ‘Face to face’, in which he further attacked the Fante rapper.

This beef, however, did not stretch for long, as Pappy Kojo decided not to engage Joshua in the open.

It ended up being more of a one-sided beef, with Joshua doing all the attacking while Pappy never reciprocated.

5. Fancy Gadam and Maccasio

Maccasio Shatta Bundle and Fancy Gadam

In recent years, the rivalry between dancehall artistes Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy could be considered as the fiercest. However, the beef between Fancy Gadam and Maccasio is on a whole different level.

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The two Tamale-based artistes have a long-standing feud which has stretched for years and doesn’t look like ending anytime soon.

In 2019, the bad blood between them resurfaced when Maccasio claimed Fancy Gadam was his “small boy”.

“That guy, he was some small boy in my area. We used to send him…,” the ‘Dagomba girl’ hit maker said in an interview.

His comment infuriated Fancy Gadam, who described Maccasio as a “weak artiste” seeking attention.

The duo have since been jabbing each other, although their beef looks to have toned down a bit in recent months.

6. Awal and Fameye

Awal and Fameye

The final beef which makes our list in 2019 is the tension between young rapper Awal and Fameye.

In November, the two clashed over a misunderstanding regarding a music video they were supposed to shoot.

Awal claimed Fameye took an amount of GHc500 from him but refused to turn up to shoot the said video.

In a video posted on social media, Awal hit out at the “Nothing I get” hit maker, describing him as ungrateful and a scam.

Their beef, however, did not stretch on for long, with Fameye refusing to indulge Awal in any war of words.


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