6 easy ways to delay with a moody person

Moody people are one of the most difficult people to stay, and sometimes we find it difficult to deal with them.

Here are some tips on how to handle a moody person:

1. Take a break

Moody people can be very toxic and they can also ruin your mood and attitude. So, if they are ever moody and you feel like it’s affecting you emotionally, take a break. If you live with them in the same house, you can move to a friend’s place for a while. Sometimes, all they need is some time alone to deal with their emotions.

2. Engage them

Try engaging them in a conversation. If they are willing, they will tell you what’s bothering them and that alone may help them feel better. However, if they are the difficult type, they are likely to say that there’s nothing bothering them – just because they want to be difficult. But at least you shall have tried.

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3. Don’t be a victim

Moodiness is somewhat infectious. So be careful not to borrow from their bad moods. Go on your daily business as usual and don’t pay attention to them. Might seem selfish but some of these moody people are just attention seekers.

4. Confront them

Let them know that you have noticed how irritable they have become lately and that you are concerned. If they have been using their moodiness as a manipulative tool, they will be ashamed to talk about it. And, they might end up changing because moody people don’t like being the topic of discussion.

5. Just love them

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Love them as they are and try to make them happy (rent)

If you have tried talking to them and nothing seems to be changing, you can choose to love them and understand them as they are. Know what triggers their moodiness and avoid it especially if they are family members or colleagues that you can’t avoid.

6. Leave

And if you feel they are too much to stand, just leave. If they are your friend, roommate or partner, give them space and get a new place away from them. Sometimes we are better off without people who are always getting into our nerves.

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