50 year-old teacher sends nude pictures to minor students

A 50 year-old identified as Angela Cone-Stanton female teacher has been arrested after she was being accused of sending nude pictures to a number minor students between the ages of 12 and 16.

An unnamed student reportedly told cops last Tuesday that Cone-Stanton had texted him partially nude photos of herself. Two other students came forward soon after, alleging the teacher had sent them naughty photos as well last summer on Snapchat.

One of the students — a 15-year-old boy who received the SnapChat photos — told cops Cone-Stanton dropped by his home last year and performed oral sex on him.

Cops had a chat with Cone-Stanton, who reportedly confirmed specific information detailed by one of the victims. She was promptly arrested, FOX 13 reported.

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Earlier this month, Cone-Stanton was hired as a short-term substitute teacher at Citrus High School. After learning about the allegations, the Citrus County School District fired the woman.

“This is an unfortunate and sad situation,” school superintendent Sandra Himmel noted in a Facebook post. “However, there is no reason to believe that any inappropriate behavior with our students occurred on any of our school campuses.”

Cone-Stanton’s bond was set at $12,000 and is barred from any school campuses. If convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison.

Source: tsb.com.ng


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