5 ways to know you are in a terrible relationship


Most relationships most times look like it was made in heaven while some do have bad  vibes all over it, some people find it difficult to identify when they are in a bad relationship.

We have outlined five pointers that will alert you that you are in a bad relationship. It is sort of a warning article to tell you that you’re in a danger zone and you are to leave there as soon as possible.


(1) You feel like you are being used:

It is horrible to be in a relationship where you feel like they are with you merely for personal gain or something that they want and they do not cherish you as they should. If you feel like your partner only cares for you when it is convenient, it shows that they do not really know and understand your worth.

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(2) Always Arguing:

Arguments are very normal in every relationship seeing as they are two different people wanting to share one life together. It is bound to happen and it is not out of place. What is a problem is if the arguments happen every other day and if they just do not seem to end.


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