5 ways to know a woman loves you

When a woman loves, she loves for real and that’s what will shine through in all she does and in her relationship with you.

1. Use you

If a woman loves you, her attention and affection won’t be to achieve a selfish purpose. The loving she sends your way is a reflection of how she feels and not an act carried out with the hope of finessing money, favours or other material things out of you.

2. Badmouth you to friends

If she loves you, your image and the perception her closest circle has of you will be key to her. She won’t want her friends or even family thinking bad of you. If a woman loves you, she’ll down. your weaknesses, and cover your errors.

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3. Play hard to get

If she likes you, your efforts to woo her won’t be that much.

If she loves you, she’ll make the relationship easy and fun for you in the best way she can.

4. Act difficult

If your woman loves you, she won’t make it difficult to be in a relationship with her. She will be understanding, allow you be yourself, won’t be unnecessarily jealous and generally make the atmosphere in the relationship peaceful. The energy she brings will be nothing but full-on positivity.

5. Take you for granted

Your efforts will be matched and appreciated if you are in a relationship with a woman who loves you. There won’t be one-sided affection from you, or unreciprocated good deeds. A woman who loves you will hardly ever take you and all you do for granted.

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